Abduction pants, MEDICA FILTER spol. s r.o.

Product Description:

Morávek's orthopedic abduction pants are special pants for newborns. These abduction pants are used as a preventive means for preventing dysplasia of the hip in infants - for the so-called abduction positioning.

Other information:

The abduction pants are made from 100% cotton and feature a polyurethane liner. The abduction pants are simply clipped onto the baby's paper diapers and they keep his legs in an optimal position for the correct development of the hip. They replace the outdated method of broad packaging using three of cloth diapers.

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MEDICA FILTER spol. s r.o.

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MEDICA FILTER spol. s r.o.
Smetanova ulice
Kašperské Hory
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Czech Republic



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Michala Vintrová
customer service
Tel.: +420 373 705 725
602 552 959

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Abduction pants


Product Name: Abduction pants
Model No: 71-012
Production Amount: subject of agreement Minimum Delivery Amount: subject of agreement
Unit Price: according to the current pricelist
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